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Bring your brand designs to life. 

Your strategic partner for ideas, solutions and service.

What We Do

Whether you are in a retail environment or distributing your product direct to consumers; IPS can help you with the package design, fulfilment, and production.

Short Run, Long Run, Offset, Digital, or Web; IPS can help you put the right press to work for you. We put the job on the most efficient, cost-effective press to yield the best-looking results.

Pressure Sensitive and Special Die Cut Labels are usually a highly engineered product.  We specialize in ensuring that the right face sheet, adhesive, and embellishments are all addressed to ensure that your label musts the marketing and functional needs that go hand in hand with many label applications.

We offer large format printing, apparel, and decoration that our clients use for Trade Shows, Employee Rewards, Signage, and SWAG.

Our web-based storefronts allow for our clients to place orders and releases from inventory using customized storefronts.  These can be for MRO or to allow customers, partners, sales staff, and distributors place orders themselves.

Provide a secure and reliable solution for our customers to store their inventory, ensuring accessibility, organization, and protection of their products

Creative Samples

Whether your team knows exactly what you're looking for, or you need a little creative inspiration, we're here to help. Check out some of our latest work below. 


Our crew has a combined 200 years of industry experience. We know what we're doing.


Pair that with unmatched customer experience, and you know your brand designs will be delivered above expectations. Most of our customers have been with us since the beginning, let us show you why!

Our Promise





We take care of our customers.

Our team are truly industry experts.

We will be your knight in shining armor when you need it.

We will make it fun!

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2444 Cades Way, Vista, CA 92081, USA


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