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Custom Store for your 

people and customers

Automate your employee and customer gifting.


Your brand - automated.

Our stores integrate to your internal systems to help automate gifts for new hires, anniversaries or customer milestones.

Company Store and e-commerce solutions that drive engagement

Our stores empower our clients to effortlessly place orders and manage inventory through fully customized storefronts. Whether you need an MRO or a user-friendly interface for customers, partners, sales staff, or distributors, our web-based storefronts provide a seamless ordering experience. We prioritize brand integrity, cost reduction, streamlined administration, and effective spending control to optimize your operations. 

Employee Engagement.

A dedicated store for your employees. Our team will create, distribute and automate your branded materials to your most important people.

We'll take your vision for your store and build it from scratch. Our stores make it easy for you to reward your employees, engage your customers and convert leads into customers.


Our stores connect to your favorite internal systems making it easy to integrate and automate your gifting.

Web to print

Customize and order printed materials from your store. Brand control and efficiency. 

Hotsprint and Watkins Spas custom merch employee and customer gifting store powered by International Printing Solutions in San Diego

Employee + Customer Engagement

A centralized and efficient solution for managing and distributing branded materials. By consolidating all branded items in one digital storefront, our customers can ensure brand consistency and control over their image. This streamlines procurement processes, making it easy for employees to access and order branded materials, from uniforms and branded merch to marketing collateral.


Our digital programs enhances employee engagement by offering a user-friendly interface to access, order and distribute marketing materials.  We optimize brand management, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction, contributing to a cohesive and organized corporate identity.

  • User Permissions

  • Custom Reporting

  • Inventory Management

  • Kitting Services

  • SSO Integrations

  • Enterprise Level Controls

  • Gift Cards & Coupons

  • Global Shipping

Amplify Your Brand

We're ready to help. 

Chat with us to learn how IPS can support your business.

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