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Custom Packaging Solutions

IPS specializes in captivating designs that capture attention, and enhance brand recognition. Our team provides flawless manufacturing and fulfillment processes to help reduce costs and time.


Whether you are in a retail environment or distributing your product direct to consumers; IPS can help you with the package design, fulfillment and production. Our expertise enables you to reach your brand goals and captivate consumers.

Packaging Mockup

Examples of Services:

  • Adhesives

  • Corrugated Containers

  • Mailers

  • ​​Multipack

  • Paperboard

  • Pouches (Flexible Packaging)

  • Shippers

  • Turned Edge Boxes

  • Unit Cartons

Why does your packaging matter?

  • 72% of consumers agree that package design influences their purchasing decisions (Packaging Digest Survey).

    • This indicates that visually appealing packaging can capture consumers' attention and motivate them to choose a particular product over its competitors.

  • 66% of consumers believe that packaging design reflects the quality of the product inside (West Rock: 2019 Packaging Matters)

    • A visually pleasing package can enhance the perceived value and quality of the product, leading to a positive impression and increased sales.

  • Packaging aesthetics significantly influence consumers' perception of product quality, which, in turn, impacts their willingness to pay a higher price (Journal of Marketing: Study).

    • Beautiful packaging can create a premium perception and justify a higher price point for the product.

These data points collectively underscore the importance of beautiful brand packaging in driving consumer interest, influencing purchase decisions, and strengthening brand loyalty.



Chat with us to see how IPS can help you conceptualize and manufacture your next package design.

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