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Engaging Custom Product Displays

IPS designs and prints eye-catching displays that shoppers can’t resist. Let’s bring your display ideas to life.  

Colorescience Display with custom print and labels

Display your brand.

Trust the IPS experts to deliver on your next display project.

What we do

Phoenix Footwear Los Cabos shoeline tension stand

Point of Purchase Displays

Customers often make purchasing decisions on the spot. That’s why some companies want their items placed within Point of Purchase (POP) displays.  

Count on IPS to design eye-catching and enticing custom product displays that perfectly showcase what your brand offers.

What Sets IPS Apart?

You shouldn’t have to get your product displays from one company and your other event materials from another. While we are experts in crafting custom displays, that’s not the only reason our customers turn to IPS.  

All-in-One Service

IPS is a full-service print marketing company. The days of needing to juggle vendors to run an event are in the past. Our team can supply your displays, print, promo, and any other materials you’ll need to rock your booth!  

100% Customized Solutions

While there are plenty of cookie-cutter display options out there, we help our customers design unique displays that represent their brand and differentiate them from their competitors. 

National Production

Our team has production facilities around the US, making it easy to support our customers' events—wherever they are. No need to ship a large display across the country; we’ll manufacture at the closest location to your event to minimize your shipping cost.

On Demand

IPS has customized company store solutions, allowing your employees to access your branded event materials from a custom URL. Let your team access and order your dedicated assets for event materials online. IPS will print and ship to the destination.

More about IPS.

Interested in learning more about our company and what makes us marketing pros?

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