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Warehouse Tags Made for Wo

STiCKiPad is the custom inventory label solution you’ve been waiting for.  

Warehouse worker writing on a STiCKiPad warehouse tag

Solutions That Stick.

No more walking around your warehouse with tape. Get your sample to see how much time STiCKiPads will save your team.

Custom printed STiCKiPad inventory tags

Inventory Tags

Companies that don’t operate in warehouses must also have ways to track and manage their inventories. Fortunately, STiCKiPads make ideal inventory tags.   

As a full-service printing company, IPS develops custom inventory tags your business can use for nearly any purpose.  

Why Choose IPS?

Whether you need custom inventory tags, warehouse labels, or something more customized, IPS is the brand for you. But why? Here’s what sets us apart.  

Experienced Pros

Trust a product backed by a business with 30+ years of printing experience. 

Customized Solutions

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely actually fit. That’s why STiCKiPad offers customized label and tag solutions for our customers.

Made to Stick

You and your employees work hard. STiCKiPad is the high-strength sticky note your busy operation demands.  

A Trustworthy Business

We’re proud of our stellar reputation and our reviews reflect our expertise and dedication to the industry. 

Learn More About IPS

Interested in learning more about our proprietary product?

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