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Coronado Brewing Vibe Tumbler Speaker custom promo item

Merch to make your brand stand out

We put ink on everything. Let our team help you create some unique and memorable items.


Amplify your brand.

Print marketing has a 70% higher recall rate than digital ads - make your brand seen.

Promo Process


Contact our team to see our apparel brands and catalog. Don't see what you're looking for? No problem - we can source whatever brand you're looking for.

Promotional Items

We have a solution for anything you have in mind. Our team can help with inspiration, or show you a selection of items that fit your budget. 

Fully Custom Item

With global sourcing partners, our team can find and create any item you're dreaming of. Tell us what you want, we'll make it.

Unique to you.

Our team works hand in hand with our customers to make sure we understand exactly what you want out of your project. We'll help take your budget to the full potential to craft a memorable and unique branded item.

We have over 30 years experience doing branded merchandise. Our team knows what works and will share our insights on new trends.


We have international partnerships allowing us to source literally anything you can think of. Our team likes doing unique items! 


Our in house creative team can help mock up different designs for each project as a complimentary service for each order.

How Our Program Works

Fully Custom

Let your creativity shine! We can put ink on anything. We encourage our customers to curate unique, memorable items to brand and deliver to their employees and customers.

Kitting and Packaging

With our combined packaging and kitting experience, IPS can provide high-end gift boxes for your events.

Warehouse & Release

No more having to store your merch under your desk. Our team will manufacture, warehouse and release orders on demand so you can reap the benefits of bulk quantity without the pains of storage. 

STiCKi branded merch mug tumbler

We're ready to help. 

Chat with us to learn how IPS can support your business.

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