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Warehouse Services

Streamline your supply chain with IPS. Beyond our cutting-edge production capabilities, we offer secure warehouse inventory management for businesses and web-enabled order fulfillment services.  

Image of workers in warehouse moving packaging

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Whether you need warehousing, kitting, fulfillment or other warehouse services, our team is here to help. 

IPS Prints, Packs & Ships.

Besides printing your quality products, we are your partner in getting these out to your production lines, to your manufacturing partners, and to your consumers. Why bring products in-house just to have your team receive, inventory, pull, and ship? We can handle the logistics, warehousing, and distribution for you. 

We integrate directly with our clients’ ERP Systems to fulfill their weekly production requirements. By teaming up with IPS, you reduce your dollars committed to on-hand inventory and have a backup supply to eliminate costly shortages or outages.  

Our staff is dedicated to timely, thorough, and accurate assembly of our clients’ kitting projects. We produce packaging, collateral, and swag. Then, we kit it, ship it, and provide reporting to our end users. We even have an FDA certification to handle OTC products for our Beauty Care customers.  

Custom printing on equipment

Your All-in-One Print Marketing Partner

Print with IPS, Warehouse with IPS, and Fulfill with IPS—The only pick-and-pack partner you need, from inception to delivery.  


Our state-of-the-art logistics, warehousing, and distribution center allows us to provide our clients with economies of scale by producing in bulk and then only invoicing as they take delivery.  


IPS offers kitting fulfillment services as well as web-enabled and mobile-friendly access to all the inventory we hold for our clients.  


With our pick-and-pack fulfillment services, you never have to take possession of any kitted items. We handle the production, pack out, and distribution. Our kitting solutions include reporting as well. 

Woman pushing cart in warehouse with boxes

Full Access + Total Freedom

At IPS, we don’t just provide logistics, warehousing, and distribution; we strategically position your inventory for accessibility and protection to ensure your branded products are secure. Our pick, pack, and ship process makes order fulfillment effortless. We offer company stores for all your team and partners to access the products they need for operations, marketing, HR, and sales.  

With work-from-home operations becoming more popular and offices becoming smaller or obsolete, we saw an opportunity. We have moved to a new large logistics, warehousing, and distribution center where we can assist our clients in storage. We hold onto your products and release them to you on your desired date. We can provide economies of scale through bill-upon-release programs. This keeps materials management happy as your inventory dollars are kept low, and it keeps production management happy as they know they have a backup to eliminate any outages or shortages, which can be very costly. Let us give you some peace of mind and inventory your items until you're ready to receive them. Are you in a rush? No problem! We can get it out the same day when it's here in our warehouse.  

Engagement with your customers, potential customers, trade partners, and employees is extremely important in today's hybrid work environments. Our staff provides kitting services that promote, reward, and thank everyone involved with your brand. Look to IPS to be your one stop to produce and fulfill all your printing and branding needs.  

Let IPS streamline your Warehousing and Logistics.

Whether you need kitting, pick and pack, or storage, our team can help! Get in touch to learn more about how we alleviate our customers' operational challenges.  

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